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Four Senses Challenge

The Four sense challenge is a customized darkness experience, where visitors will walk into a sensory set up and participate in group-based activities conducted in complete darkness. A 90 minutes session in complete darkness that uses no conventional tools like face-to-face engagements, presentations, board writing, taking notes etc, but just allows you to unsettle to settle in the Dark, come to terms with your own self, discover oneself, reflect & share one's insights in a fun filled & joyous way.

To begin with visitors will have to find their own chair and table assigned to them. Activities which are apparently simple by light become very exciting, complex & compel visitors to pause, think, collaborate, communicate, use their other 4 senses & work with their co- visitors to accomplish the desired outcomes.

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Note to user: Four Senses Challenge can be recreated in an external environment on request


Dialogue in the Dark is rated as
"25 must-do lifetime experiences in the world"
by Forbes International.