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  • Sensitize Corporates on abilities of the disabilities using Dialogue in the Dark Experiences.
  • Experiences leave a long lasting impact on the visitors
  • Perception alteration to enable acceptance to hire PwDs in their workforce
  • Appeal to Corporate India, MNCs and other business organizations to hire at least 1 PwD in their workforce to start with
  • Aim to create 100,000 jobs for the PwDs in the next 10 years
  • Employment Enhancement Vocational Skills, computers, soft skills & behavioral skills exclusively for the PwDs
  • Exclusive online platform through the Take1 Online for Employers, PwDs, NGOs, Government Agencies, Training Partners to interact, support, share and empower.
  • Candidate Mapping, baseline assessment on each PwD candidate is done by the Take1 team
  • Industry relevant curriculum in partnership with sector leaders to ensure the PwDs are job ready.
  • Partner with Government Agencies, NGOs, Skills & vocational training partners, Institutions to mobilize candidates and training support
  • To have a repository of 10 lakh PwD Profiles on the Take1 Online platform.