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Its easy to play blind fold games but living 45mins of your life as completely blind is for sure a spine chilling experience. Must visit in your lifetime for being lead by a blind guide in a beautiful creative world of darkness!!
- Dr. Anushree Jain
Superb place!!! Felt I was in a entire new world, such a great experience for me to feel, know, learn and enjoy the world in the dark...having all the senses I lack far behind them, special thanks to Beena who did a great job in making our show funny and exciting
- Isy Rajula
Amazing experience! 45 minutes journey makes you strongly believe in having faith in others. Feel of enhanced sensorium leaves you stunned by the end. The tour ends in 45 minutes but the amazing feelings linger on! :) A must visit place if you are in Hyderabad
- Sudhanshu Baranwal
I don't know why I delayed this experience. I came with my family today and I don't recall such a unique and wonderful experience in a long time in Hyderabad or elsewhere. It's a different world all together. Enjoyed thoroughly watching through the darkness and the dining
- AK Khan, | IPS
Amazing, wonderful, unseen and unheard ever before. A new and unique experience with “Dialogue in the Dark” with gifted people like Jagadish, Faizal and Arun. What a fascinating darkness!
- Pradeep Kumar, | IPS
An overwhelming experience! No words would be enough….Perfect.Just Perfect! Extremely heart touching & the best dinner experience so far!
- Kamna Jetmalani, | Tollywood Actress in Andhra Pradesh
It was an amazing experience.loved it completely. Nasir u were amazing. Thank you so much for making us realise the importance of all the senses other than eyes.I regret not visiting this place till yesterday staying in hyderabad for so long! Perfect suprise for my birthday..♥ 'd it.
- Keerthi Chadalavada