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We learned that we should not be depressed if we don’t have Vision, and also respect other four senses. Never discourage and discriminate them.
Shreyasee Das, 8th Class, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Pathshala
This has been a remarkable experience.Before coming I thought this would be easy as there were a larg group but it wasn't so. It truly was a remarkable experience as we were made to use all our senses and was truly a wonderful experience will definitely come back again.
Sri Viashnavi, 4th Class, Meridian School, Kukatpally
We learnt from Exhibition that we should care for them, respect them and love them. We will include people with disabilities all our life.
Rajashree, 10th Class Kotwal’s School
Not only speaking for me, but for everyone who had experienced the exhibition, we have learnt how crazy the outside world can be but so safe and sound without light. We will show our care for disabled and include them. No matter what they are, they are always equal to everyone.
Varsha, 9th Class, Orchids International School