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About Diversity Education Program

A unique experiential program for the first time in India, where the students get engaged in an exhibition with different experiences. Wondering what’s so unique in that? Well it’s not just any ordinary exhibition; it’s an exhibition in the complete darkness! ACE - Dialogue in the Dark can also set up this experience right at your school / college campus in order to reach out to each and every student in your school.

How does DID Enlighten the Students through Diversity?

“Dialogue in the Dark” teaches Diversity with its unique and highly entertaining exhibition in which visually impaired guides lead visitors, in groups of up to 8 people, through a series of completely darkened galleries. In these galleries, students perform daily activities without the power of a person’s dominant sense – SIGHT. Students discover what it is like to sit at a café, visit a park, play Cricket, Touch and Smell a variety of grocery items in a Super Market without the power of their eyesight. The entire tour takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.