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A thoughtful and introspective experience to understand the importance of communication & focus on relationships.
Mamata Vegunta | Director HR | Invesco
The workshop was totally a comfort zone disruption, and I learnt, I must go on.
Partha Sengupta | Associate Director | FACTSET
“Don’t judge people. Feel things, don’t just think. It was an out of the world experience.”
Sagira | L&D Manager | Amazon
Set clear tasks, ensure same info is available to all, are some key learning's. I would definitely recommend this workshop to open up people’s eyes on goal settling and learn dynamics.
Amit Pande | RD | Aditya Birla
Amazing to see what we can do if we focus all our senses on one particular activity. Learnt the importance to communicate clearly, to check for understanding and also not to assume. It was a good introspection & helped to understand styles of leadership.
Mr. P. Ravinder | Senior Manager | Genpact
The most impressive experience is finding an order in chaos and thinking through a solution without any idea or prior plan, to listen more intently
Divya Pannala, Manager | Finance & Accounting | Facebook
Learnt listening skills, communication, team work, nothing is impossible... even in darkness, we can achieve things. Would recommend this workshop for good listening, good communication, and teamwork. Those who think it is not possible, after this workshop, they will rethink and say it is possible.
Sridevi | AGM | Care Hospitals
Expand your boundaries-Test yourself. I think this is by far the best learning center you learn without seeing. There is no problem too bigthat cannot be resolved.
James | Project Manager | Apollo Health Care